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Editing and Color Correction

Bring us your finished offline video project on external hard drives. Using our years of experience and the latest hardware and software  we will online and color correct your show and output it to whatever formats you need. 

On-line editing and color correction using DaVinci Resolve, Adobe PremiereCC, Final Cut Studio, and Color. Equipment includes 4 MAC Pros computers all with Decklink Pro HD video cards and professional calibrated color monitors.  Over 20 Terabytes of HD RAID storage available.

Edit and Color Correct in Uncompressed or Apple ProRes HD or SD, DVCAM, or DV. Upres HDV timelines to Apple ProRes or Uncompressed HD. Uprez DV timelines to Uncompressed SD and/or HD. Output to HDCAM*, HDCAM SR*, Digibeta, BetaSP, DVCAM and/or Quicktime files.

*All standard definition decks included in cost. HDCAM deck available at rental cost.